INVI-SUN Skin Supplement

Enjoy more time in the sun and bask in its warmth without the negative effects. This nutritional supplement will strengthen your skin's resilience to the elements.

The perfect companion for summer is here! INVI-SUN is a daily skin supplement containing clinically studied NutroxSun® with Calaguala (PLE) and Resveratrol. Enjoy more time in the sun and bask in its warmth!


  • Sun-smart in 2 seconds
  • Reduce skin redness
  • Enjoy more time in the sun
  • Improve skin resilience
  • Rich in botanical antioxidants
  • Perfect companion for your topical sunscreen

Powered by NutroxSun® from Spain

NutroxSun® is a Mediterranean-inspired skin protective active complex comprising a proprietary extraction of grapefruit and rosemary that is clinically proven to support skin resilience from within.

Formulated & Made in California

Vegetarian formula powered by NutroxSun® and fortified with Calaguala (PLE) and Resveratrol – a powerful combination of powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

NutroxSun® - clinically studied Mediterranean skin protective active complex that provides reliable all-day defense from the elements

Calaguala (PLE) - a traditional native South American fern extract with skin protective properties

Resveratrol - helps counteract harmful effects of free radicals on the skin

Ingredients: NutroxSun®, Calaguala (PLE) and Resveratrol.

Suggested Use: Take one capsule in the day after food, or up to two capsules sixty minutes before sun exposure.

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