30ml/1.0 Fl. oz | Suitable for all skin types | Cruelty-free, vegetarian friendly, and contain no harsh chemicals, First Light The Serum is designed to hydrate your skin and stop aging in its tracks!

First Light The Serum is a phytosqualane based beauty concentrate containing natural plant based actives inspired by the vernix caseosa - the thick, white wax-like substance that coats babies for weeks before they are born. It mimics the intense hydration, skin nourishing and protective properties of the vernix to bring back baby soft skin for you.

The vernix caseosa is a complex mixture and has squalene and ceramides among its contents. Similarly, The Serum contains PhytoVernix, our proprietary plant sourced vernix mimic that is 99.5% natural with over 95% active ingredients. It also contains Wakame cell culture, White lupin seed and Phytoceramides that combine synergistically to:

  • mimic the intense hydration and skin nourishing properties of the vernix
  • rejuvenate skin and restore its baby softness and smoothness
  • instantly revitalize and freshen up complexion
  • nurture firmer, radiant, toned and younger looking skin
  • diminish appearance of lines and wrinkles

    >99% Natural and >95% Active Ingredients. Never tested on animals

    Wakame Cell Culture - a patented rare marine treasure and clinically proven antioxidant powerhouse with hydrating and energizing properties that deliver a long lasting anti-aging effect.

    White Lupin Seed Extract - clinically tested to boost skin elasticity, firmness and texture. Redefines facial
    contours and reduces slackness of jawline.

    Patented Phytoceramides - strengthens skin hydration and moisturization.Reduces pore size, firms up
    skin and increases its elasticity. Rejuvenates aging skin by increasing hydration from within and restoring
    skin moisture barrier. Also inhibits pigmentation and improves skin smoothness and suppleness.

    PhytoVernix - Structurally similar to the skin’s natural lipids, this exceptional emollient improves skin
    barrier function, moisturizes, repairs and protects the skin.

    Full Ingredients: Squalane (derived from plant sugars), C10-30 cholesterol/lanosterol esters, Olive oil decylesters (and) squalene, Lupinus albus (white lupin) seed extract, Helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil, Undaria pinnatifida (wakame) extract, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (vitamin Cester), Triticum vulgare (wheat) seed extract*. *gluten-free

    Daily Use: Apply 3-5 drops to cleansed skin and gently massage to infuse over entire face. Alternatively, mix droplets to moisturizer of choice and apply as directed.

    Intensive Treatment: Apply half a dropperful to entire face and gently massage to allow serum to infuse.

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