At Ceramiracle, we believe Beauty is a universal language. It transcends culture, age, gender, the color of one's skin.

Our core value of Prejudice-Free drives the way we operate. We support inclusivity and manifest this ethos in all that we do, from our multi-cultural operations to our prejudice-free products featuring universal formulas suitable for all skin types.

This is deeply embedded in our product development philosophy. The formulation of every single product is researched and tested for its efficacy to ensure its suitability for all skin types.

Our One Formulation for all skin types promises Universal Efficacy and simplifies skincare because Ceramiracle products are all-embracing and work effectively for everyone. This is the defining hallmark that distinguishes Ceramiracle and its products from other brands in the market.

Ceramiracle is also a PETA-certified brand and our products are cruelty-free, vegetarian-friendly and do not contain harmful preservatives, fragrances or unsafe chemicals.

Baby Soft Skin, Reborn For You

In 1991, Eugene He's home was transformed into a giant playpen when his mom became a nanny. While the bawlings created endless din, Eugene was always fascinated and in awe of, the amazing sight and feel of a newborn’s soft and smooth flawless skin. This childhood curiosity grew into a passion and developed into a life mission for Eugene: to unravel mother nature’s gift of perfect skin to babies. His relentless pursuit to find the answer to baby soft skin and to make it accessible for both young and old led tothe world’s first breakthrough formulation inspired by the very substance that protects baby’s skin while in the womb - Vernix Caseosa. Eugene successfully created a botanical mimic that would emulate the vernix’s protective and nourishing benefits.

Vernix Caseosa: Baby’s Beauty Cocoon

While training as a clinical naturopath, Eugene discovered a study on why newborns - in spite of months soaking in the womb’s watery surroundings - have perfect skin. It’s because of this vernix caseosa; a thick, waxy coating that cocoons them at birth. A complex mixture comprising squalene and ceramides among its contents, the vernix has been hailed as the best protector and the ultimate moisturizer. Eugene had found his beauty grail: the creation of the world’s first beauty concentrate inspired by vernix caseosa that simulates its many skin-nurturing traits and ushers in the second coming of baby soft skin.

FIRST LIGHT The Serum: A Newborn Inspiration

From womb to world, the birth of First Light The Serum - A waterless, phytosqualane-based beauty concentrate contains natural actives similarly found in the vernix, The Serum mimics the intense hydration, nourishing and protective properties of the vernix to bring back baby soft skin for you. It boasts >99% natural and >95% active ingredients, does not contain parabens, fragrances and other harmful chemicals, making The Serum a winsome essence for one and all.

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