Anti-Aging & Skin Moisturization Effects of Patented Phytoceramides

  • 1. Patented phytoceramides (a key ingredient in FIRST LIGHT Ceramides Skin Supplement) is clinically studied to:
    1. a) improve skin hydration and skin texture in just 15 days
    2. b) boost skin moisturization by 23% in just 2 weeks and up to 36% after 2 months
  • 2. 85% of the clinical trial participants noticed a reduction of scales
  • 3. 80% felt less pulling sensations on their skin
  • 4. Significant reduction also observed in transepidermal water loss

  • 5. A double-blind clinical trial also showed a visible anti-aging action:
  1. a) visibly significant reduction of wrinkles after just 14 days
  2. b) improvement in skin elasticity by 15% in just 15 days
  • 6. 80% of the trial participants felt an improvement in skin appearance

Brightening, Lightening & Evening Of Skin Tone Effects of Tomato Fruit Extract

Evaluation of skin quality after 42 and 84 days of treatment with Tomato Fruit Extract


  • 1. Clinical data shows that the colorless carotenoids - phytoene and phytofluene - from Tomato Fruit Extract help boost skin radiance, lighten and even skin tone by inhibition of melanin synthesis.
  • 2. Evidence demonstrates that dietary intake of the colorless carotenoids can result in the skin delivering the following benefits:
    1. a) significant improvement in skin radiance
    2. b) lighten and even skin tone
    3. c) boost skin hydration, suppleness and elasticity.
  • 3. Its photo-protection, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities also enhance the skin’s ability to resist sun damage, boosting skin health and youth.